Lyndsey Poynter

Growing-up in Oakville, Ontario, Lyndsey’s early interest in Space was kindled by trips to the Kennedy Space Centre, encouraging parents and teachers and a summer session at the US Space Academy in Huntsville, Alabama.

Since receiving a degree in Space and Communications Sciences from York University in 2000, Lyndsey Poynter has supported engineering and mission operations of Canada’s robotic systems on the International Space Station - Canadarm2 and Dextre (pictured on the Canadian $5 bill).

Lyndsey was the project engineer for the Robotic Workstation, which provides the crew robotic interface and was the first robotic element to be commissioned on-board the space station. In addition, Lyndsey prepared and tested space hardware for flight at Kennedy Space Center and has worked on a number of on-orbit satellite servicing initiatives.

As the current project engineer for MDA’s engineering support of Canadarm2 and Dextre, she organizes teams in Houston, St Hubert (Quebec) and Brampton (Ontario) to support robotic assembly and maintenance of the ISS and to utilize Dextre as a testbed for future robotic technologies to enable exploration beyond low earth orbit.

Lyndsey is currently a section lead and instructor for training astronauts and flight controllers on the use of Canada’s robotic systems and is the recipient of numerous awards from NASA and the Canadian Space Agency.