Jessalyn Teed

Jessalyn Teed is a student at the University of Waterloo (UW) enrolled in the Environmental Studies and Aviation program. In partnership with the UW program, she does her flight training at Waterloo Wellington Flight Centre (WWFC). Jessalyn is extremely dedicated to her studies and will complete her four year degree in three years as of August 2017.

At UW and WWFC, Jessalyn has taken on a Human Factors Thesis in Aviation studying the Best Practice for Millennials in the Classroom, which targets the aviation industry as the demand for pilots increases and the practices evolve.

Jessalyn will also complete her aviation training, particularly her Commercial Pilots License with a Group 1 Multi-IFR Rating. She is an outstanding leader in and outside the classroom, as demonstrated by her initiation and coordination of a team of students to provide peer help in the aviation classes, as well as working at WWFC as a dispatcher and volunteering for events and initiatives at WWFC, such as a Girls Can Fly, WWFC Golf Tournament and the 2017 Canadian Women in Aviation Conference in Calgary.