Captain Jackie Book

Captain Book is a military pilot with the RCAF. Jackie began flying while enrolled in the Commercial Aviation Management Program at Western University in 1998, where she became a graduate of the first graduating class in 2003.

After graduation, Jackie was hired at Empire Aviation to instruct the Western program where she worked until joining the RCAF the following year.

After two years of training on the Harvard and King Air, Jackie was selected to go to 436 Squadron and fly the CC-130 Hercules in Trenton, ON. There, she became a tactical pilot, flying numerous missions in the Arctic, Greenland, Europe, as well as multiple deployments to the Middle East.

In 2011 Jackie was blessed with twin boys, and the following year was transferred to Portage la Prairie where she worked as a flight instructor and Course Director for Multi-Engine School (3CFFTS).

In 2016 Jackie was transferred back to 436 Squadron to fly the new J-Model C-130 Hercules.