Asti Livingston

Asti is an actress, writer, pilot, dive master, underwater photographer, and single-mother of four. Past Chair of Ninety-Nines First Canadian Chapter, Asti was one of the original core committee members of the Elsie MacGill Northern Lights Award when it was first founded. Asti has sung for the Pope at the Vatican. She flew a twin-engine C310 from Toronto through the Grand Canyon, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, and landed in Catalina Island to dive the kelp forest. Part of the professional dive team, she works as a divemaster and safety diver, diving with sharks in the Caribbean, explores the undersea life in Alaska, Bali, Wakatobi, Cozumel, the Sea of Cortez and the Palawan Islands.

In 2019, she and her teammate Susan Begg flew the Mooney in the Air Race Classic, an all female pilot cross-country air race. Being the only flyers to represent Canada in the air race, Asti of the Canuck Flyers was given recognition by a member of parliament in the Town of Markham and Premier Doug Ford of Ontario. The team also won the Most Congenial Team Award in the Air Race, while Asti was awarded the Rookie Award. In the same year, the team competed in the Gold Cup Air Rally—placing 1st and winning the coveted gold cup. Asti has recently created and written a new TV series, and is currently writing a new feature film and a novel soon to be published.